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News from Nowhere

William Morris
Facsimile edition of the first edition

News from Nowhere: The Dream of a More Beautiful Life

Teresa Teklić, translated by Michael Alexander

A world without money, what could that look like? At the end of the 19th century, the English socialist William Morris invented such a world. His utopia doesn’t fully explain how such a society would function, but it is an invitation to dream.


Max Weber: Protestant Ethics and the "Spirit" of Capitalism. In: Archives of Social Science and Social Policy.

Max Weber

The Protestant Work Ethic: Why Catholics are Lazy and Protestants Hardworking

Ursula Kampmann, translated by Michael Alexander

In 1904/1905, Max Weber published his ground-breaking work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. He put forward the thesis that the faith of a population is causally linked to the progress of a country. Today, his theses have long been long considered outdated. But why do they still seem so plausible?



Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Published by Manesse, Bibliothek der Weltliteratur, 1960

Rousseaus Self-Portrait: “I Feel All, but See Nothing”

Teresa Teklić

Rousseau is rarely associated with modesty. He begins his "Confessions" often treated as the first modern autobiography, with the announcement that his work is unparalleled in history and that he himself is unique. However, it would be too easy to reduce this complex and complicated personality to its thoroughly self-confident tones.


Brigitta und andere Erzählungen

Adalbert Stifter
Published by Manesse, Bibliothek der Weltliteratur, 1967

Brigitta and Other Tales: Kitsch or Force of Nature?

Christina Schlögl

Stifter polarized despite his romantic-sounding stories. His texts divided the readership. Thomas Mann criticized the old-fashioned, moralizing style, while Friedrich Nietzsche praised his work as a literary icon. What is it about Stifter's texts that some appreciate and others revile?


Stopfkuchen. Eine See- und Mordgeschichte

Wilhelm Raabe
Published by Manesse, Bibliothek der Weltliteratur, 1948 and 2010

Stopfkuchen: More Than a Whodunit

Christina Schlögl

The subtitle of Wilhelm Raabe's Stopfkuchen is " a sea- and murder story." But don't expect a shallow whodunit because of that. While the reader is still trying to sort out the complex time and space levels of events, he realizes that the novel has an even deeper level...

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